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On-Site Security

Civic Conclave  Provide Availability of core security service and other appliances such as firewalls. And intrusion prevention, SSLl acceleration, and authentication system.

Data Backup

N+1 Datacenter facility to provide redundancy with robust disaster recovery mechanisms. Civic Conclave Website Recovery primary backup solutions on our web servers and secondary backup on our local server in case of a primary backup failure.

Technical Support

Civic Conclave Company Provide All Supporting System on Higher support means less cost and higher efficiency. high availability of technical staff via email, online chat, remote access. and phone to get questions answered in real time.

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Civic Conclave is your one source stop for feature rich interactive websites for every need in web presence.


  • Domain Registration with Privacy Policy
  • Unlimited Webspace with Malware and Virus Scan
  • Dynamic Technology in WordPress
  • Periodic Data Backup System
  • Authentic Licence
  • FREE Search Engine Marketing & Optimisation
  • Technical Support
  • Best Consultation

Best Hosting Server on Easy Access!

Hosting is your site backbone. Forget about storage capacity and bandwidth as we offer best plans suits your need.You Can Choose Plan the best affordable price on Civic Conclave  Web Hosting Server


  • On Tyre 4 Datacenter-Asia Largest DC in Asia.
  • India Based Server.
  • Support Open Source Technology
  • Access for Window Web Applications
  • Powerful cPanel
  • Fully featured with CDN, Load Balancing, Disaster Recovery

Never lose your work again!

Civic Conclave Provide Adopting legitimate licensed website gives you an additional benefit of your efforts.


  • Website Data Recovery
  • Automatic Update
  • Increase Credibility on The Web
  • Complete Access to Entire Worksheet
  • Flexible, Easy-to-get Tech Support on Error Fixation
  • Ease on Data Migration
  • Looks Good.., no Popups and Hooks
  • No Unwanted Advertisements

The best features, at the best price!

Hand Picked engineers with the quality insurance, Makes them available all time. Putting up the best quality ethics on the websites and other services.


  • Qualified and Experienced Engineers


  • Reliable and Ethics Based Values.


  • Deep Insight on Delivering Best Quality.


  • Understand Customer Service as a Culture.


Civic Conclave a wide range of consultation from web application development to market analysis consulting. Our research and development team can bring your idea to life.

Web Hosting

Civic Conclave provides every customer with the necessary tools to get a fully-functional Linux website up and running as quickly as possible. From our partnership with Softaculous, you will be able to install wordpress, drupal, joomla and many more CMS systems with just one click!

Online Security

Our state-of-the-art data center boasts of the very best HVAC architecture, cutting-edge secure networking switches and of course, the best, latest hardware around.

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Cloud Server
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It’s awesome, really. I can’t say enough about how well it’s tailored to the needs of the mission. Thanks for a great mission-oriented website.

Bishop. Niranjan Bardhan, India Gospel Outreach and Social Action

My favorite thing about Civic Conclave Technologies is the ease of use and also the ability to customize the website using the dashboard.

Dr. Seth Masih, GALF India